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To my treasured clients, friends, and our entire community,

As 2023 begins, exciting changes are taking place. I am delighted to welcome Kevin Ensenat, LMT. Read more about Kevin under About Us. As a massage practice that specializes in those with serious medical conditions, we are committed to keeping up our office COVID protocols. We will continue to take all necessary COVID precautions to protect our most vulnerable clients. Warm wishes for a safe and healthy year. – Darcy Doggett, LMT, Owner

Your Body’s Best Friend

SMART Integrative Massage Group specializes in Sports, Medical and Restorative Massage Therapy and Bodywork.
Our experienced, attentive massage therapists will provide you with personalized care and wellness education
that will enable you live with more movement and less stress. Reconnect with your body and with your life.


At SMART Integrative Massage Group, we know Sports Massage. Whether it’s your first 5K, marathon, cycling across the country, weight training, yoga, dance or team sports, your therapist will create your customized treatment.


We offer a wide variety of techniques to make sure you get the massage you need such as Aromatherapy, Chair Massage, Couples Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Foot Reflexology, “Mother-to-be” Massage, Pure Swedish, Reiki and Traditional Shiatsu.


We provide a broad range of medical massage techniques to achieve the physical wellness you require such as Chair Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Foot Reflexology, “Mother-to-be” Massage, Sports Massage and Physical Rehabilitation Massage.


We offer Manual Lymphatic Drainage as a medical massage technique to achieve the physical wellness you require. This technique supports full body immune system enhancement as well as prenatal care, sport physical therapy, surgery and scars.