• A Revitalizing Facelift That Will Make Your Skin Glow

    We carry our worries in our faces. Lack of sleep turns into puffy eyes, stress turns into wrinkled foreheads, illness or poor diet turns into acne or inflammation.

    As we age, these features become more and more apparent. Some people opt for a facelift as a way to diminish the appearance of wrinkles or baggy eyelids, but cosmetic surgery alone cannot address the underlying symptoms.

    There is, however, a form of massage therapy that can benefit both an individual’s physical appearance and their inner health: manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), when performed on the face as a LymphLift, can make you feel refreshingly healthy and leave you with firm, glowing skin.


    MLD Gets Your Lymph Moving

    Manual lymphatic drainage helps your lymphatic system do its job, which is basically to help all of the cells in your body stay hydrated and get rid of their waste. Usually, the lymph system does a pretty good job by itself, but sometimes it can get overwhelmed by the amount of work it has to do. For example, when you’re sick, or when you’ve been eating poorly, or when you’re experiencing allergies or a migraine, your lymph system (which transports disease-fighting antibodies and white blood cells) goes into overdrive.

    Unlike your circulatory system, which cycles through your body, your lymph system only moves in one direction: down. It doesn’t have a pump that keeps it moving; it relies on your muscle contractions and the force of your breath. So sometimes, even if you are at peak health, your lymph system can get backed up.

    When lymph gets backed up in your face, it can contribute to acne, puffy cheeks, dark circles under the eyes, and swelling – all things that an MLD facelift can fix.


    The Renewing Power Of A LymphLift

    Manual lymph drainage gives your lymphatic system a boost in function. Therapists who are trained in manual lymph drainage therapy use very light touch to help direct the lymph fluid to the lymph nodes, which are located all over your body. Facial lymph nodes are located below your jaw, under your chin, around your eyes, nose and ears, and around your scalp.

    Because manual lymphatic drainage works with your lymphatic system to get rid of waste, MLD can leave you feeling rejuvenated after just a ten minute session. MLD can boost your metabolic function, reduce swelling, and increase oxygen flow.

    People who have experienced manual lymphatic drainage usually walk away with a “lymphatic glow” – their skin is firm and bright, their wrinkles are lighter, their features more defined. Clients noticed a difference in their appearance after just a single session, and after repeated visits, some felt like they went in for an actual facelift!

    If you feel like you could use a facelift and think our LymphLift could be the right option for you, call us at 973-744-1576 or book an appointment online.

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