• Couples Massage Is Nothing To Fear

    When you think about couples massage, what comes to mind? Probably something like this:

    Two people, madly in love, are positioned in front of a private waterfall, and covered in roses. Their massage therapists are images of perfection: it’s as if they popped right out of textbooks on Grecian sculpture and Parisian fashion.

    After being treated to decadent champagne and chocolates, the enamoured couple is pampered with luxurious, sensual, erotic massage for what feels like an eternity, until the two are finally left alone to enjoy time with each other.

    Sounds pretty exclusive, doesn’t it! This exotic, luxurious massage session isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, which is why I’m here to tell you that couples massage is NOT all about romanticism and eroticism, if you don’t want it to be!

    Just like with any massage, couples massage is all about making you feel your best.

    In order to make you feel your best, your massage therapist will talk with you to find out what makes you feel comfortable, what makes you feel uncomfortable, and what your goals are for your massage session. Couples massage is all about you and your partner, so whatever you want goes!

    For most people, the goal of couples massage is comfort and relaxation. The idea of getting a massage with a trusted friend, partner, or relative makes the process much more comfortable than the idea of getting a massage alone.

    This means that couples massage might be some people’s first experience with massage!

    That isn’t to say that couples massage can’t be romantic. It’s a wonderful way to experience closeness with a loved one, as massage requires trust and openness. However, nowhere does it say that romance is required when you sign up for a couples massage. In fact, many couples massage clients are mother-daughter pairs, best friends or siblings who want to catch up in a relaxed setting, and bridal parties who need to decompress before the big day!

    If you had ever ruled out couples massage because it sounded “too romantic” for you, it may be time to reconsider!

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