• Foot Reflexology Is A Treat For The Whole Body

    You may not think about your feet very often. They’re all the way at the bottom of your body, usually hidden in a pair of socks and a pair of shoes. But your feet are a powerful part of your body – they carry you around, supporting the entire weight of your body day after day with relatively little complaint. They also happen to be the gateway to a relaxing, rejuvenating healing technique called foot reflexology.

    Reflexology has been around for centuries. The Chinese and Egyptians were using it thousands of years before the Europeans decided to cultivate the practice in the seventeenth century.

    Often used with massage, reflexology involves the application of pressure to specific points on the hands, ears, and feet. These points correspond to nerve endings which are believed to connect to other nerve endings in the body; so, by stimulating a certain spot in your foot, a reflexologist hopes to trigger a response in your liver, or in your head.

    Studies on foot reflexology have shown that the technique has been helpful in relieving the symptoms of some of the following conditions:

    – Anxiety
    – Arthritis
    – Cancer
    – Chronic pain
    – Depression
    – Diabetes
    – Migraines
    – Multiple sclerosis
    – Plantar fasciitis
    – Sinusitis
    – Tension headaches

    Reflexologists target zones within the body that would otherwise be out of reach, and by doing so may be able to lower blood pressure, increase metabolism, improve kidney and liver function, and reduce blood sugar levels, among other things.

    Foot reflexology can be performed either alone or as part of a combination massage. Note that reflexology is different than a massage; while massage aims to work on the body’s soft tissue, reflexology aims to address internal body conditions that traditional massage would not normally be able to address.

    Reflexology appointments last between thirty minutes and a half hour. Call today to ask about booking your foot reflexology appointment!

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