• Sports Massage For Success

    I have a client who I’ve been working with for about five years now. She’s an all-around athlete who exercises just about every day of the week – from a morning run to an evening yoga class to a weekend bootcamp, my client does it all. That’s why she first came to me for sports massage.

    This client hadn’t intended to become a regular; she was originally planning on coming in maybe once or twice a year for some bodywork and then getting on with her game. However, now she incorporates massage into her weekly routine.

    She told me that since sports massage became part of her regular routine, reaching her goals has become an easier task. She’s improved her game in several areas, overcome injuries, and been motivated to continue training. Massage has helped her revive tired muscles and stimulate recovery in overworked areas so that she could always keep striving.


    Meet your Goals with Sports Massage

    Sport MassageFor full-time athletes and weekend warriors alike, massage is an amazing tool that can help you reach milestones in your training and regularly boost your performance. When I was training for RAGBRAI (a 700+ mile bike ride across Iowa – link to Sep 25), I incorporated sports massage into my routine so I could improve my flexibility, range of motion, and endurance.

    Whether you’re training for a big race or just trying to keep in shape, sports massage can make a huge difference in your performance. Give us a call at 973-744-1576 or schedule an appointment online today to see how sports massage make a difference for you!

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