Client Reviews

Virtual MLD Session
I recently completed my second virtual appointment with Darcy. I have been a faithful client for almost a year. I struggle with lymphodemia due to cancer surgery. When our lives were placed on hold due to the COVID-19 virus, I knew it was only a matter of a very short time that I’d require treatment. Darcy created a plan of action to help alleviate the stiffness that I experience due to surgical scaring. Her instructions are clear and concise so that I am able to administer the MLD technique under her guidance. While I know this is not the most optimum for my care, given our current situation the virtual appointments helps to alleviate some of the stiffness and pressure I encounter daily. I do look forward to the time we can continue with my regular MLD therapy sessions, but until that time is possible, the virtual appointments are helping to keep my condition under control. Thank you Darcy!
– Michele, April 22, 2020

Celebrate The New Year
Today is Dec 31st and no better way to start the new year except with a relaxing massage by Darcy. This session was a reward to myself for finishing a twelve week exercise program at the Y. The massage helped wash away all my stress of the prior year and got a jump start on the new year. I always have a great experience with Darcy. She always listens to me and hears what I need and want for my massage.
– Lori S, December 31, 2015

Prenatal Massage
I have been seeing Darcy for my prenatal massages for the last 12 weeks. Now 40 weeks pregnant, I thought I would be experiencing a lot more aches and pains in my back, shoulders and legs. I have had very little discomfort in general and I owe this to the great work of Darcy. She is extremely knowledgeable and always makes time to discuss any issues I would like to focus on during the appointment. I leave feeling relaxed and stress free! Thank you, Darcy!
– Katherine O, November 28, 2015

Great Massage!
Had a great massage with Darcy last week. She was very attentive, skilled and responsive, plus she extended the massage even longer than the hour I had paid for. The room is nice and cozy and relaxing. Highly recommend!
– Julie R, November 10, 2015

Wonderful Massage
Darcy has been my massage therapist for approximately 5 years now. Since I’m a runner, Darcy’s exceptional care and attention to my specific needs has been really beneficial in healing my problem areas. Darcy is always very accommodating. She takes time before each appointment to get to know what your needs are so she can adjust your massage to best fit your needs. Her hands do their magic and when you’re done you feel great. She makes you very comfortable with soothing music, heated table (if needed), eye mask and leg prop. There was a specific time that I had a knot in my shoulder blade. After of month of pain with no relief it started weighing me down. I made an appointment with Darcy and she worked magic on that area. I left her pain free and have not had that problem since. My whole family now goes to Darcy as well. She is quite awesome and I wouldn’t go to anyone else.
– Carol M, November 10, 2015

Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Wow. Several immediate differences. A pain in my upper arms that I have had for several years is GONE immediately. My elimination was complete the next day. I lost 2 pounds within 3 days and it is still off. I am continuing the series of sessions to go deeper. I was most impressed with Darcy’s gentle professionalism in her massage. I have had hundreds of massages in my life-my best medicine-and this one was 5 stars all the way.
– Janet S, September 19, 2015

Extremely Good
Very relaxing, extremely good.
– Inge F, September 25, 2015

Patti Sklar – Best Massage Therapist Ever!
Review of Patti Sklar @ Valley Road-Montclair – Patti Sklar gave me the best massage ever! I highly recommend her. I arrived sore and tight from training and left feeling amazing. The following morning i woke up feeling loose and ready to train again. I can’t wait for my next massage with Patti!
– LC, January 19, 2015

Professional, Accurate And Compassionate Care
I am beyond grateful for Patti Sklar. I happen to be very compatible with her care, energy and style. Being the recipient of her intentional, focused work, which is incredibly consistent, has provided me my Monday sanctuary for about 2 years now. And, being in the healing world myself, I know what a privilege it is to have a clients trust and I always take pride in someone letting me into their personal space. Now being the client myself, it is so refreshing and comforting to have a practitioner who is able to hold that space for me. What a gift to be the receiver, not the giver for a change! Darcy – thank you for having the wisdom and clarity to provide the space and for knowing that Patti is the type of quality practitioner you want for your business and your clients. Patti – thank you for every session that you selflessly put yourself aside in order to give, help and heal. You are truly a blessing in my wellness arsenal and I thank you so much!
– Elizabeth (Lizzy) S, August 12, 2015

Great Job On My Shoulder!
I was experiencing pain in my shoulder which I could not shake, and a friend recommended Darcy. What a difference! I still have occasional tingling, but all the pain is gone. Now I have her working on my knee!
– Lynn Seligman, December 3, 2014

I really felt my massage therapist listened to my complaints and focused the massage on the areas most needed: it felt so great!
– January 14, 2013

Thank you!
Darcy, you are truly amazing and gifted. I really appreciate the time you spent with me before my session, mulling through your anatomy book. With your thoughtful questions and sound understanding of the body you narrowed in on the culprit causing my arm/shoulder pain. After my session, I immediately felt better and each following day continued to feel better. It was the bodywork that kept on giving! Thank you for being brilliant at your job!
– Becky M, December 12, 2012

Great team. Great massage.
– November 2, 2012