MLD for Total Body Wellness

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy – Your Wellness Plan
With the increased interest in anti-aging and wellness, Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy facilitates the removal of metabolic waste, cellular debris, bacteria and foreign substances from the body. As an added bonus, it also promotes deep relaxation.  Known as the “water of life”, the clear lymphatic fluid flows through our bodies delivering healing lymphocytes and nutrients to the cells to strengthen our body’s defense system. On its way back through the complex system of vessels, it collects the body’s garbage such as excessive water, cellular debris, metabolic waste and fatty acids. If the lymphatic system gets sluggish and stagnant, the lymph nodes get filled up with trash and everything can start to back up much like a traffic jam on the highway.

A wellness treatment plan can be developed to meet individual goals with a suggested minimum of 3 sessions over a 7 day period every quarter. A seasonal reboot of the lymphatic system with MLD treatments can be a great adjunct therapy with nutritional cleanses. Ask your nutritionist or health coach about incorporating MLD boosts into your nutrition program. Don’t have a nutritionist or health coach? Ask us for a referral to local practitioners.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy – IT’S NOT A MASSAGE
Vodder-style Manual Lymph Drainage Therapy is not massage, but rather an advanced hands-on modality based on the most efficient method to move lymph throughout the body. Manual Lymph Drainage Therapy (MLD) is a gentle, non-invasive bodywork technique that stimulates the flow of lymph fluid through the lymphatic system of the body. Dr. Emil Vodder developed the rhythmic hands-on therapy in the 1930’s in Europe. Today, it continues to be a gold standard treatment for the lymphatic system. As a scientifically proven form of manual therapy used particularly in the management of lymphedema, MLD has been administered in clinics, hospitals, and spas for many years.

Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Estheticians may provide this service.

The therapists at SMART Integrative Massage Group have received their Bachelor’s Level Certification in Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (CMLDT) by The MLD Institute International. Many hours of classroom study and hands-on training had to be completed to receive this specialty certification. This is not the “lymphatic massage” that is marketed by many spas, franchises and massage practices.