Chair Massage

Designed to awaken the body and promote an overall feeling of well-being by increasing alertness and reducing stress, chair massage is used specifically to relax your muscles and improve movement within the body. Clients will remain fully clothed and seated upright on a specially designed massage chair. The session will be tailored for your specific needs and focused on your back, neck, shoulders, arms, and hands. Chair massage is the perfect introduction for a massage newbie or for a client that has difficulty lying flat on a massage table. Sessions can be scheduled from 10 minutes to 30 minutes in length.

Are Your Employees Overstressed?
For those working at offices, auto dealerships, hospitals and other companies, chair massage provides hard-working employees with a convenient method of alleviating stress, preventing repetitive motion injuries, reducing irritability and increasing productivity. Slouching at a desk for prolonged periods of time results in low back pain, “mousing” shoulder, “text neck” and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Restorative Chair Massage

Our chair massage sessions range from 10 to 30 minutes. Together with employers, we can put together an ongoing wellness program or one-time, in-office event that offers employees specific massage therapies and self-care information. Our professional massage therapists will tailor the seated massage session to each individual and use outstanding therapeutic skill to relieve tension in the neck, back and shoulder, arm and hand muscles. Your employees will find that regularly sitting for a 10 to 30 minute chair massage will alleviate stress during these competitive times.

As an employee reward, chair massage shows appreciation for a job well done, congratulations after a strong fiscal quarter or a healthier alternative to a Friday pizza and soda lunch. A small room is all we need to provide you and your employees a low-cost, high-return work break with lasting benefits.

Wondering what positive effects we can have in your work environment? Incorporate a lunchtime Workplace Wellness talk about ergonomics, deskercises and stress relief techniques along with your chair massage sessions. SMART Integrative Massage Group has experience providing in-house wellness programs to large corporations, hospitals, financial companies, non-profits, and mid- and small-sized businesses in the New Jersey area.

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