For Physicians

SMART Integrative Massage Group takes pride in offering high-quality massage therapy as a complement to medical services. Our therapists are trained in medical massage, prenatal massage, sports massage, kinesiology taping, and manual lymphatic drainage, along with other bodywork techniques.

Several studies have shown that massage therapy can greatly reduce an individual’s stress, which can in turn improve sleep, relieve headaches, and boost mood. Among its other benefits, massage is also known to improve blood flow, assist in waste removal, and increase lymphatic flow.

Our therapists are well-versed in human anatomy and many of the ills that can affect the body, and we can adjust our therapies to meet the specific needs of your patients. Some of our specialties are oncology massage, cardiac patient massage, and craniosacral therapy. We take care to note all contraindications and ensure that proper precautions are taken during each massage session.

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We consult closely with the referring doctor for each patient.

At SMART Integrative Massage Group, we have worked patients presenting fibromyalgia, repetitive stress and sports injuries, Parkinson’s, MS, chronic pain, and edema. We have worked with patients before and after cardiac surgery, with cancer patients, and with the elderly. On every occasion that we have worked with a patient that has been referred, we have consulted closely with the referring doctor, diligently following up after each session.

Though we do provide a calm, safe, and relaxing environment at SMART Integrative Massage Group, our goal is is not to offer a typical spa experience; rather, we aim to provide each of our clients with a personalized treatment plan that follows any existing medical plan. The mission of each therapist at SMART Integrative Massage is to help our clients reconnect with their bodies and continually move forward to reach their goals. We look forward to working with you!