Massage and Cancer
Massage after a cancer diagnosis can be an important part of the process to help cancer patients reconnect to their bodies and their lives. The power of touch by a skilled practitioner can make the patient feel whole again. Pain along with anxiety and depression are the most often mentioned debilitating side effect of cancer.

Studies have shown massage therapy by a skilled practitioner can help manage pain from mild to severe.  Insomnia, fatigue, weakness, and other complications can disrupt normal daily activities, and negatively affect a patient’s quality of life.  Counteracting the patient’s experience with painful medical procedures and treatments, oncology massage can bring comfort during these difficult times.

Positive touch provides a calming, compassionate connection between the client and their massage therapist. A properly trained LMT will provide care to all cancer patients no matter where they are in the treatment process.

Oncology massage can be performed in the chemo suite, hospital room, patient's home or massage therapist's office.

A variety of touch therapies can be utilized including specialized manual techniques for patients under critical medical care, light Swedish massage, light touch Reiki, shiatsu, fascial work or manual lymphatic drainage therapy. Each session is adapted to the individual’s needs at that particular time. Session lengths may be shortened to accommodate the client’s needs.

Home or hospital visits can be arranged. Please discuss oncology massage with your medical team. Our therapists will be happy to reach out to your doctors to discuss the many benefits that massage and positive touch can bring to the healing process.