MLD for Post-Plastic Surgery Recovery

Because manual lymphatic drainage is an essential tool in removing waste from the body, it can be useful both before and after surgery.

MLD increases lymphangiomotoricity (lymph flow) by up to ten times, which boosts immune activity and increases lymphocyte (white cell) production.

Before surgery, MLD will stimulate the immune system and clear waste from tissues, which can help prepare your body for healing and reduce chances of infection.

For optimal priming of your lymphatic system before most surgeries, we recommend a minimum for four MLD sessions scheduled on consecutive days no sooner than 48 hours prior to your surgery.

After surgery, MLD can reduce post-surgery edema, reduce pain in affected areas, and promote healing. If lymph nodes were damaged during surgery, your therapist can redirect lymph away from these damaged areas, which prevents unhealthy buildup and reduces the chance of post-surgical infection.

Post-surgery MLD can also help minimize the incidence of scarring, keloids, and adhesions. Post-surgical MLD should be scheduled for a minimum of four consecutive sessions immediately following clearance from your doctor usually 48-72 hours after surgery. Frequent manual lymphatic drainage procedures can reduce the healing time for cosmetic surgeries from 9-12 months down to a mere six weeks to 3 months.

Liposuction with Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy before surgery
Liposuction with Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy before surgery.
Liposuction without Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy before surgery
Liposuction without before-surgery Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy.