MLD for Pregnancy

Pregnant women often experience swelling in their ankles and hands as a result of excess fluids being stored in the body. This swelling, along with the weight of carrying a fetus for nine months, can affect circulation and can become incredibly painful.

Prenatal MLD improves fluid circulation to reduce edema and the pressure of carrying a child. MLD reduces fluid retention and water weight gain, which promotes relaxation and healthy sleep. In removing excess waste from the body, MLD also helps to regulate hormones, improve metabolism, and reduce the occasion of headaches and migraines associated with pregnancy.

Manual lymphatic drainage is also great for kids, who are often susceptible to ear and sinus infections. MLD is especially good for school age children, who are frequently exposed to potential sources of infection. Manual lymphatic drainage helps children boost their immune systems and can help ward off future infections.

Pregnancy Manual Lymphatic Drainage