MLD for Sports

Whether you are a weekend warrior, professional athlete or somewhere in between, the ability to operate at maximum efficiency and produce winning results is both exhilarating and rewarding. It is also demanding on your body. Injuries, post-exercise soreness, chronic pain and tension can slow you slow on the field or on the dance floor. The competitive edge that you need lies in optimizing peak performance and recovering quickly. There is an untapped opportunity to achieve both peak performance and post injury rehab outcomes through Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapy.

MLD is non-invasive, rhythmic, hands-on technique that increases the flow of lymphatic fluid by more than ten times its normal rate. When your lymphatic system moves freely and unrestricted, it can effectively eradicate metabolic waste and deliver healthy nutrients, enabling optimal performance. Once cleansed of these foreign particles and debris that can interrupt lymph transport, healing can advance even before bruising and edema form.

Sports Manual Lymphatic Drainage

MLD can reduce pain and improve the overall range of motion. We recommend that athletes also incorporate massage techniques, such as neuromuscular therapy and fascial release, into their MLD regimen in order to continually accelerate healing and softening of scar tissue.

One study, listed here, has shown that athletes experience a greater range of motion during recovery from total knee replacement surgery when MLD treatments are performed postoperatively when compared to non-MLD patients. A minimum of four postoperative treatments, beginning 48-72 hours after surgery, will start to clear lymphatics, reduce edema, and increase the flow of the body’s healing lymphocytes.

When preparing for a surgery, four sessions conducted in the week leading up to the procedure can prime the lymphatic system by clearing out the lymph nodes and speeding the flow of lymphatic fluid throughout the body resulting in faster healing post surgery.

If you or someone you know are preparing for a surgery that can affect their physical performance, contact us at (973)-744-1576 to learn more about the benefits of manual lymphatic drainage.