Kinesiology (KT) Taping

Kinesiology (KT) TapingKT taping, also known as kinesiology taping or elastic therapeutic taping, is a rehabilitative taping technique that is incredibly effective when used in combination with manual therapies such as massage.

KT tape is an elastic cotton or synthetic tape that can stretch up to 140% along its length, but does not stretch along its width. The tape is stretched and applied to your skin; once it has been applied, the tape pulls back on itself, stretching and molding the soft tissue underneath it. You will experience a specific therapeutic effect based on the tension strength of the tape that was used, the shape the tape was applied in (frequently an I, X, or Y shape), and the area on which the tape was placed.

Elastic therapeutic taping can be a useful tool for athletes of all types and skill levels. Depending on how the tape is placed, KT tape can train the neuromuscular system, reduce pain and inflammation, increase circulation and lymph flow, optimize performance, promote healing, and prevent against future injury. Ask your therapist about using kinesiology taping to promote injury healing or improve your sports performance. Price varies with application.