Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy



I saw Darcy at SMART for Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy after I suffered a traumatic injury to my lips and teeth that left me extremely swollen with 18 stitches in my lips. I was stunned with how effective the technique was in reducing swelling, and speeding healing. The results were visible immediately after each session, and improvement continued over time. I have no doubt that the MLDT led to a faster recovery and better outcome for me. I can’t recommend it highly enough.
– Susan W, Montclair


Manual lymphatic drainage therapy (MLD) is a gentle practice that can be incorporated into treatments for numerous health complications including multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, various types of cancer, injuries, numerous skin conditions, migraines, mood disorders, and more.

MLD uses light touch to direct the flow of lymph to your lymph nodes. Your therapist will target the superficial lymph vessels, which are located under the skin, and use gentle, circular motions to encourage healthy lymph flow.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

A healthy lymphatic system is important to your body’s ability to fight disease and remove waste. Blocked lymph nodes or clogged lymph vessels can cause waste to accumulate in your body, resulting in swelling (edema), sluggishness, acne, and headaches. MLD treatments allow your immune system to function at peak performance, potentially speeding up recovery times, diminishing bruises, and relieving pain.

How Often Should I Get MLD?
For optimal results, you must receive MLD on a consistent basis. Ideally, a client should receive one session per day for five days in a row, or until the therapist notices a difference. After this time, the therapist may advise the client to come for weekly visits, and eventually maintenance visits every few weeks or months.

MLD is designed for long-term results; therefore, it is imperative that a client be seen based on the above guidelines. One treatment alone is not going to bring about adequate results, as an initial session will only hold the body at an optimal spot for 24 hours.

In order to sustain beneficial results, more maintenance needs to occur. Please note that if a client is not willing or able to follow the recommended protocol, we do not suggest scheduling an MLD appointment, as they will not receive optimal results.