• 40 Reasons to Get A Massage


    Sometimes, it can be difficult to decide on just one reason to get a massage. Do you want to relax, or relieve tension in your shoulders? Do you want to improve your golf swing, or try to reduce the occurence of your migraines?

    Lucky for you, you don’t need a single reason to get a massage – you can have as many reasons for massage as their are massage therapists. And trust me, that’s a lot of reasons.

    1. Relieve stress
    2. Improve flexibility
    3. Boost immunity
    4. Reduce anxiety
    5. Manage low-back pain
    6. Help fibromyalgia pain
    7. Reduce muscle tension
    8. Enhance exercise performance
    9. Relieve tension headaches
    10. Reduce joint pain
    11. Help blood reach extremities
    12. Sleep better
    13. Ease symptoms of depression
    14. Improve cardiovascular health
    15. Reduce pain of osteoarthritis
    16. Enhance endurance
    17. Decrease stress in cancer patients
    18. Improve balance in older adults
    19. Promote healing
    20. Reduces negative effects of sitting
    21. Strengthen muscles
    22. Promote relaxation
    23. Prepare for exercise
    24. Lower blood pressure
    25. Boost immunity
    26. Relieve old injuries
    27. Decrease symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    28. Improve oxygen flow to muscles
    29. Help chronic neck pain
    30. Lower joint replacement pain
    31. Improve self awareness
    32. Assist in healthy pregnancy
    33. Increase productivity
    34. Invigorate muscles
    35. Helps work-out cooldown
    36. Increase range of motion
    37. Engage intimately with loved ones
    38. Improve mood
    39. Decrease migraine frequency
    40. Because you can!

    Am I missing anything? Why do you go get a massage? Is it for something on this list, or something completely different?

    Let me know why massage rocks your world!

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