• Comforting Touch: Pregnancy Workshop for Couples

    Join us with your partner to learn how to improve your overall mood and comfort throughout your pregnancy. 

    DATE: November 14, 2019 at 6:30 PM.

    WHERE: Garden State Spinal Care, 4 Brighton Road, Suite 304, Clifton, NJ.  

    CALL: 973-705-7010 for more information. Price: $25 per couple.

    Be able to provide comforting and relaxing care to your partner throughout this transformative time. Dr. Jennifer Dour of Garden State Spinal Care will go through some counter pressure points and positions to help you get as comfortable as you can in the hands of your partner while Licensed Massage Therapist, Darcy Doggett of SMART Integrative Massage Group will teach you a 10-minute massage that will increase your connection while decreasing your overall discomfort.

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