• Couple’s massage: A shared experience in relaxation.


    A candlelit room with side by side massage tables
    for a shared experience in relaxation!

    What did you do last year for Valentine’s Day? Was it dinner and a movie again? Take-out and Netflix? That sounds to me like it could be any other day – which Valentine’s Day is not.

    Valentine’s day is holiday that celebrates the love we feel for those closest to us – our significant others, our family members, our best friends, even ourselves.

    From my experience, one of the best ways to really celebrate togetherness – to really get in touch with the love you feel for someone close to you – is to participate a couples massage together.

    In fact, couples massage has been shown to provide these great benefits for any duo:

    It can boost oxytocin levels, making you feel warmer emotions towards your massage partner. For romantic couples, this might mean a couples massage makes you feel more enamoured towards each other; for best friends, your platonic feelings of love might feel intensified by the end of your session.

    Plenty of research has shown that people who do new things together have stronger, healthier relationships. If you’ve never tried massage or couples massage, this might be a great way to bring a spark into your relationship!

    Getting a massage with someone you trust can make the entire massage experience feel more relaxing overall. By the end of the massage, you and your massage partner will both feel more calm and bonded because you’ve experienced the entire process together.

    If you’ve always done the same thing for Valentine’s day, trying out couples massage might be a new great way to show appreciation to someone you love! Please give us a call at 973-744-1576 to schedule your couple’s massage.

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