• Ugh, it’s those dreaded seasonal allergies again.

    Allergy season is upon us.
    Did you see the viral video of the pollen cloud that causes those of us that suffer so much distress? Watch the video here.  As soon as the weather warms and I pack away the sweaters and boots, it happens to me… the sneezing and itchy eyes. To you, it might mean sinus congestion and headaches.

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    Do you feel this way in the Spring and Fall?

    But what can you do about seasonal allergy suffering?
    Keeping the windows closed at home should reduce the amount of pollen inside as well as using a HEPA filter on your air conditioning and vacuum cleaner. As tempted as we are to open the windows while driving on those first warm sunny days, keeping the windows up and using your car’s air filtering system will help reduce the pollen inside your vehicle.

    After consulting with your healthcare professional, WebMD recommends using saline spray or a neti pot to rinse your sinuses. You can also try adding a 15-minute Facial Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy or Medicupping VacuTherapy to your massage session to provide some relief from the irritants in the air.

    Our Lymphatic System

    The body’s lymphatic system is responsible for bringing healing lymphocytes and nutrients to the cells throughout our body to strengthen our body’s defense system. On its way back, it transports water out of the tissue, along with cellular waste and metabolic debris such as bacteria, cell fragments, long chain fatty acids, and proteins. The lymphatic system cleanses each cell and drains away this debris powered only by breathing and muscle movements; however, hands-on techniques such as Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy and Medicupping VacuTherapy can also move the lymph.

    Facial Lymphatic Massage Vs. Facial Medicupping VacuTherapy

    Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (MLD) is firm but gentler than an ordinary massage. Using hands-on techniques such as MLD, the lymph flow can increase up to ten times its normal rate clearing away the excess fluid and metabolic waste throughout the head and neck. Our therapists are trained in specific facial MLD techniques that can be used for relief from a variety of conditions including Sinusitis, Ear Aches, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Bell’s Palsy, Alopecia, Strokes, Burns, Glaucoma, Lyme Disease and Alzheimer’s.

    The Medicupping VacuTherapy machine provides steady suction to the practitioner.

    The Medicupping VacuTherapy machine provides steady suction to the practitioner to help move the lymph fluid thorugh the body.

    Medicupping VacuTherapy provides a gentle approach to many common conditions and produces results that are often remarkable. The tools are simple vacuum “cups” that are used to create a soothing suction on the surface of the body that reaches deep into the tissues moving lymphatic fluid and separating the layers of tissue. Medicupping employs a machine that can perform straight suction and pumping movements. The techniques produce results similar to that of Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy. Please reach out to the office to discuss which technique would work best for you. Our therapists have completed extensive training courses in both of the above techniques.

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